This device belongs to the medium class metal detectors and could be used for small objects, for example coins.

It has:

- Automatic discrimination - separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

- A possibility for turning off the automatic discrimination;

- Two search modes;

- A headphones or additional speaker output.


- MODE 1 (switch + 30 cm in position Off) - this mode is used in stone soils and tough soils. The following results have been received after the tests: a contemporary coin of 25 cents has been detected on 30 cm distance in the soil. Priming of the device is made in this mode.

- MODE 2 (switch + 30 cm in position On) - this is so called "Turbo Mode", in which, after the priming the device, and if the soil is normal, the device is fully operated. The following results have been received after the tests: a contemporary coin of 25 cents has been detected in 40 cm distance in normal soil, and a metal plate with diameter of 20 cm has been detected on 85 cm in depth, whereas in the MODE 1 the same plate has been detected on 55 cm in depth in the soil.


The switch + 30 cm must be in Off state.

Turn on "THRESHOLD" and increase the volume to hear a sound that resembles a mosquito's buzz. Pull up the aerial to the ground slowly moving it forward and backward. Adjust the device by using the "GROUND" knob until you hear slight cracking when you move the aerial towards the ground, and when you move the aerial up from the ground, you should not hear this slight cracking. By finishing this procedure, the device is ready for searching.


The aerial of the metal detector must be moved in parallel to the ground in a distance from 5 to 10 cm. You have to make slow swings from left to right and then backward. When detecting a signal you have to make a swing from 20 to 30 cm over the place where the signal has been detected. Thus you determine the exact location of the object, after making the same detection on 90 degrees over.


Non-ferrous metals: a constant non-interrupted signal.

Ferrous metals: interrupted signal.


The device is supplied with accumulator batteries of 1300 mA or 1700 mA. The battery pack is located under the elbow's handle and it can be removed.

The charging of the battery pack is made only with the charger, which is supplied with the device, and ONLY IN TURNED OFF STATE of the device. The charge time is from 15 to 20 hours.

The device is turned on and off only by "THRESHOLD" switch.


The set of the device consists of a standard aerial 25 or 28 cm long, a framework, which carries the device's electronics and the battery pack, and a battery pack charger. On a wish the device could be supplied with a 38 cm aerial, or with three sizes of aerials - 25, 28 and 38 cm long.

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